Laptops in Classroom

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Laptops Should Be Allowed In School
Persuasive Speech

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This paper was prepared for 9th / 10th Grade Speech class, taught by On My Honor____________________ Almost every person in school owns an electronic device. Today there are many new gadgets coming out that can help many students in their everyday lives. The iPod, Droid, laptops are just a few devices that are available in the market today. But many schools limit the use of these electronic devices. Some of them don’t even allow students to use them? Should students be able to use their electronic devices in class? We all know that we should follow the rules, but sometimes rules need to change to accommodate the people who are benefitting from them. Our generation is the time where technology is booming. We can’t help the fact that technology is all around us. Many of the devices, especially laptops can help us in our studies, help the student body become more organized and responsible, save money as well as paper and they’re so much lighter than those heavy textbooks. First of all, laptops and other devices are much lighter as compared to the school bags which carry a lot of textbooks. An average text book weighs from six to nine pounds. That’s quite heavy to carry every single of them if you have seven different books in seven different classes a day. I don’t know what about you but I’d choose a better and lighter option than carrying those books around. An average laptop only weighs about 5 pounds and an Ipad weighs no more than 2 pounds. Some parents might say that they can’t afford a laptop for their child. How about the money they spend on textbook for a year? As a matter of cost, textbooks cost $250 each year (more sometimes, depending on the choices of subjects); over four year of high school that’s at least $1000. Now compare that with a laptop, which you can use for many years after high school and college and you...
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