Screen Free Schools

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Screen Free Schools

In our modern world, digital devices have become the norm. Practically everyone you see walk past is looking at a screen or connected through earplugs. In schools, this has had a tremendous effect on the student body. In fact, some schools are considering banning the use of electronic devices However, I think before taking such a drastic step, it is important to weigh out the positive and negative facets of this phenomenon.

On the negative side, personal electronic devices can be very disruptive. Phones can ring during class. Email and text message notifications can distract students from the focus of a lesson. Moreover, each student becomes somewhat disconnected from the regular social interactions in school. Looking down at the small screen or deafened by music blasting into personal earplugs, students easily miss opportunities to connect with the actual people around them.

Nevertheless, despite the negative aspects of personal electronic devices, there are significant positive aspects as well. First, they allow students to stay in touch with the people who are important to them. Second, students can use them to acquire information from the internet. Third, they are handy for sorting and storing data needed for school. Fourth, they can be used as a scheduling device and issue reminders. Finally, they can provide entertainment for the times that students simply need to escape the stresses of school.

In conclusion, electronic devices are here to stay. Schools need to help students find balance in their use. Banning their use will not prepare students for the real world. Thus, I reject the idea of banning them from schools.
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