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Lao-tzu or "Old Master," the author of the Tao-te-Ching wrote not only about the moral behavior one should live their life by, but also about the ways to create a functional government. Lao-tzu wrote mainly for politicians as a guide to follow in order for them to become good leaders. Lao-tzu informs his readers that one can only help people by allowing them to help themselves. One powerful statement from the Tao-te-Ching is, "When they think that they know the answers, / people are difficult to guide." This statement is not only applicable for followers of the Tao-te-Ching, but it can also apply for people of today as well. There are many examples of the previous Lao-tzu quote that apply to today. A perfect example of people being difficult to guide when they feel they know the answers would be teenagers rebelling against their parents. Teens feel this way because they feel they know as much as their parents if not more which causes this rebellious side. Another good example I have found that relates to Lao-tzu would be students who feel they do not need to have respect for their teachers.

Many teens today feel as if they are always right, and they never seem to want to take the advice of their elders, especially their own parents. There are multiple reasons why teens do drugs today. Some want to fit in with their peers; others just seem to like the short term effects a particular drug has on them. Lao-tzu would agree these people are "difficult to guide" because they feel they know what is right for them. People who are like this can be seen as stubborn and not easily influenced. Teens today do not want to look at both sides of a situation, in this case meaning the "pros" and consequences of doing drugs. If parents were to be aware of their children's drug use, it is clear the parents would tell them to stop immediately. Teenagers do many things to rebel against their parents, and often don't take what they have to say into consideration. Parents try to set...
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