Understand How to Support Positive Outcomes for Children and Young People

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Assignment 31

Understand How to Support Positive Outcomes for Children and Young People

1. – Describe how social, economical and cultural factors can impact on the outcomes and life chances of children and young people. Social Factor
Lack of social/friendship groups
Possible Impact: Children who don’t socialise a lot tend to become isolated and therefore isolate themselves more. They may suffer insecurities about themselves and be withdrawn and shy. They struggle to communicate, share and understand the needs and feelings of others. They will lack confidence to find it hard confide in other people or seek out help and advice. This can also lead them to be drawn into ‘the wrong crowd’ because these people seem welcoming and as a result find themselves being manipulated. They can also feel pressurised by their ‘peers’ into experimenting with drugs and alcohol at a very young age. They wouldn’t have the confidence to stand up for themselves. As they get older their insecurities may lead to self harm and possibly developing some form of addiction. They would also find it difficult to maintain any long term relationships.

Social Factor
Poor parental supervision/ neglect.
Possible Impact: Without guidance from parents or carers, most children do not learn the correct ways to behave. This can cause them to come into conflict at school or unexpected situations because they do not know or understand acceptable boundaries. They may believe that they are allowed to act any way they want because they are never prevented or taught any acceptable moral behaviour. These lacks of boundaries could result in them becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour. Neglect could lead to other health problems i.e. malnutrition, if they are not getting the correct nourishment needed for a growing child. Poor hygiene could also lead to bullying and teasing by their peer group, causing them to withdraw and become isolated. ‘This could affect dietary needs of children, clothing, customs or other aspects of their lives.’ (CYPW, pg 186).

Economical Factor
Possible Impact: ‘A family living on low income might not be able to provide for their children as hoped. Accommodation may be more which can have an effect on the mental and physical health of children and their parents.’(CYPW, pg 186) Children in poverty can be vulnerable and prone to illness or disability due to things such as malnutrition from a poor diet lacking in nutrients as a result of their parents being unable to afford quality food. This could also mean the parents are not able to buy medicines when required. Malnutrition also results in lack of concentration or poor performance at school or college. This will impact on the young person when they do not achieve good enough grades to become employed. They may then become involved in drug addictions and or criminal activities as a way of escaping from their problems. They may be the subject of bullying as a result of their poor clothing because they do not have the latest ‘must have’ accessories.

Economical Factor
Lack of academic achievement
Possible Impact: If a child’s parents may show little or no interest in their education and as a result they, the child, may also loose interest. The parents may not attend school meetings so they will have little understanding of their child’s achievements and therefore the child will not receive praise and encouragement to continue. If the child is not receiving praise and encouragement from parents, the child will develop low self esteem and believe that they are incapable of achieving. If the parents struggle to support the child in homework and coursework and the child will therefore also struggle. The child will then not complete or hand in work on time. This will cause them to get in trouble as a result of uncompleted assignments or homework. They might ‘fail’ in their education, as a result, and struggle to get...
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