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Teens and Marijuana Use

By Andria1124 Mar 12, 2010 297 Words
Marijuana abuse today is a major cause for concern in juveniles and has a negative effect on society at large. Teenage marijuana abuse is the symptom of many other problems in a teen. Marijuana abuse in teens is often not recognized when something can be easily done about it. Parents need to be more involved in their children’s lives and make them aware of what marijuana does to their body and the consequences of having/smoking it. Most teens lack confidence and give into peer pressure easily. Abusers must talk to anyone they trust which is why the support of friends and family is of prime importance. Unfortunately, some parents don't get active and effectively step in until drug abuse in teens has become an un-escapable problem. Punishments such as revoking privileges, grounding, forbidding interaction with certain friends, and sending their teen to counseling are a few things that could help teenagers from getting involved in drugs and staying away from them. It is important for parents to stay on top of and understand what is going on in their sons’ and daughters’ lives. When teens make a poor decision, such as using marijuana, it’s critical that parents immediately show concern via an open dialog and follow through with consequences. If the parent becomes too overwhelmed with their child’s behavior then they should seek help and not just let their child do what they want (Teen Marijuana Use, 2006). Helping juveniles out with drug (marijuana) use problems could give them new perspectives and insights through youth-adult relationships for youth and adults as they work in partnership.

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