Language Barriers

Topics: Second language, English language, Latin alphabet Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: April 11, 2013

When I read the article about languages then it put me thinking. How many languages I can speak myself. And it hit me, not much. I can speak Estonian as my native language and English only as my foreign language. It is great that I have French in my university’s studying program because like Louise said in the text- lots of businesses say they want people who can speak European languages, but young people do not seem to realize that speaking another language can imrpove their job prospects. I totally agree with this statement.For example, in Estonia young educated Russian people who can speak English and Estonian and of course Russian as their mother language, are more likely to find a job in Estonia than Estonians themselves. It’s because they have a great advantage over young Estonian people-they can speak one language more. Speaking many languages is like an investment for your future’s career to become succesful individual in the world, were there are another languages than English.

When people are young then they are not usually interested in studying languages. It’s because the grammar is too hard and the school program itself is too capacious and there are many other subjects that we need to learn as well. I think when we get older and we know what we want from life and we know where we are in life makes us more aware of life itself. People want to get educated and be more intelligent and learning foreign languages makes us more cultivated. For example, in the article Paul is young and does not like studying foreign languages because of the hard grammar. Liz also did not like studyng them when she was younger, but when she got older she started studying French as a hobby and Hindi because her fiance is from India. A reason to study languages has to be made clear in the school early on so the students take it as an investment in their future lives not a duty to pass their lessons.

For people who are used to travel all the time around...
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