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* Lancôme Paris is a makeup brand owned by L’Oreal, which is one the world’s largest cosmetics & beauty company. Lancôme is one symbolic brand in the Luxury Products division of L’Oreal Group. Lancôme offers a wide variety of products – concentrating on skin care, makeup, & fragrances at higher-end prices. Lancôme’s founder’s intention was to create a beauty brand that delivers French elegance around the world. His motive was simple yet ambitious, which also has become the main idea of the brand’s mission statement.

* Lancôme is a strong brand because it has successfully created a unique brand association in the minds of customers together with its unique logo, revolving around the same theme of “Rose” while still providing a variety of distinctive product lines without straying away from its original theme and idea.

* As the name “Lancôme” is inspired by the ruins of a castle that was full of roses around, the idea implies the romantic mood in comparing the brand’s products with roses – the type of flowers in which every woman falls in love with because they are beautiful and elegant. Based on this original theme, Lancôme associates customers’ minds with something graceful/elegant and classy (not too dramatic or “teen” looking as other makeup brands). Moreover, Rose has also become Lancôme’s brand logo. Rose is a perfect symbol for Lancôme’s logo because it suggests a big benefit to most women when purchasing Lancôme’s products: “ We want to look beautiful and elegant; at the same time we want our look to stand out, being distinct and unique.” The symbol of a rose suggests that even though most roses are all beautiful, each has its own characteristics and attitudes, just like each of Lancôme’s product lines will create a distinct look on each customer while still possessing the elegance in the style.

* Lancôme also has a strong brand image as a luxurious make-up line. Products are charged with a quite high-end prices & are not...
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