laminated dough

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Laminated Dough
Many places don’t always make laminated dough at their shops anymore, it is easier just to buy it and work with it that way. Yet what is laminated dough? According to, “Laminated dough is a baking term that can show up from time to time that is often not fully described. Lamination is term for the process of alternating layers of dough and butter when making pastry. The dough is wrapped around butter (so that the butter is completely enclosed in dough and cannot slip out), the “package” is rolled out, folded over to double the number of layers, and then the whole thing is repeated.” In other words all the buttery layers that we see in croissant, Danish, napoleons, palmiers, etc. are all made through this process. I feel that laminated dough is a big part of my career. Being that one day I wish to own a bakery revolving around fresh baked pastries none being pre-made. It is a laborious process but the outcome is what matters. What is more important is where it originated from, how is it important to my future and how successful the consistent flavor and texture bring back customers. Laminated dough is derived from viennoiserie, which is dough that consists of egg, butter and sugar. It is considered to what is in between bread and pastry together. There are two types of viennoisserie and laminated dough is one of them. According to the textbook, Advanced Bread and Pastry, by Michael Suas, it is originated from Vienna where it was exclusively for the monarchy. These types of breads were only served to those with class and that could afford them. But throughout the years viennoiserie became more popular and any type of person can enjoy it. In the textbook it states that, “From the 18th century to today, Viennese style of breads and pastries have evolved into sophisticated and refined items that are enjoyed globally in a variety of shapes and types.” As the textbook states more and more laminated dough became a demand....

Cited:, January 28, 2010
Advanced Bread and Pastry, by Michael Saus, Part 3 Viennoiserie, 2009
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