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The types of business information that would be the best used to communicate is having a visual communication. The reason why visual communication is the best to use for business information is having a images can tell a 1,000 words because the investor would find it easier to process as well as remembering it than having a verbal and written information on its own. Many of the investor now a day are on the internets and this is the best way to reach to the investor because having images and video would have impactful to the investor instantly. Like YouTube Website whereas many of the people would go search for and by that if the investor wanted to check out the Kellogg’s products or wanted to see the commercial about the Kellogg’s the investor can always look at their video at YouTube or even on its own Kellogg’s website which it contains a lot of images that could attract the customers.

Investor loves to see a decorative images and video because that’s what attracts the customers and it’s very interesting and informative. Without any visual images or video it may be bored and plains. Let say, if Kellogg’s website were not to have any design, images or video on their website there is a higher chance the investor wouldn’t check it out. Having a visual communication is easy for the investor to remember and even reach a wider audience.

It’s immediacy too because if Kellogg’s were tried to explain something that is so complex to the investor it may take a lot of time of making sure the investor to understands what is Kellogg’s trying to explain therefore Kellogg’s should contrast that experience by looking with chart explain the sales for the specific product so by that it could help to show the information more instantaneously and understand what is Kellogg’s trying to said to the investor.

The good thing about having visual communication also is its simplicity. Usually having a visual communication could simplify its information of the ideas that...

Bibliography: What are the Benefits of Visual Communication? (2013). Retrieved April 9, 2014, from Mindjet:
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Business Communication BTEC National Diploma Level 3 (21st February 2014)
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