Lakeman V Mountstephen

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Lakeman v Mountstephen

(1874) LR 7 HL 17, 43 LJQB 188, 22 WR 617, 30 LT 437, [1874-80] All ER Rep Ext 1924

Court: pre-SCJA 1873

Judgment Date: circa 1874

Case History
AnnotationsCase NameCitationsCourtDateSignal
-Lakeman v Mountstephen(1874) LR 7 HL 17, 43 LJQB 188, 22 WR 617, 30 LT 437, [1874-80] All ER Rep Ext 1924pre-SC JA 1873circa 1874
AffirmingMountstephen v Lakeman(1871) LR 7 QB 196, 36 JP 261, 41 LJQB 67, 20 WR 117, 25 LT 755Ex Chcirca 1871

Cases referring to this case
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TreatmentCase NameCitationsCourtDateSignal
ConsideredYeoman Credit Ltd v Latter[1961] 2 All ER 294, [1961] 1 WLR 828, 105 Sol Jo 300CAcirca 1961

BAILMENT - BAILMENT FOR VALUABLE CONSIDERATION - HIRE OF WORK AND LABOUR - NATURE OF THE CONTRACT; OWNER'S OBLIGATIONS - IN GENERAL - LIABILITY OF EMPLOYER Plaintiff had been employed by a local board of health to construct certain main sewer works. On 19 March 1866, the local board gave notice to the owners of certain houses to connect their house drains with the main sewer within 21 days. Before the expiration of the 21 days, and during the construction of the sewer the surveyor of the board proposed to plaintiff that he, plaintiff, should construct the connection between the house drains and the main sewer. Plaintiff said he was willing to do the work if the board would see him paid. The owners of the houses did not proceed in any way to do the work required of them, and before expiration of the 21 days the construction of the connections was commenced by plaintiff under the following circumstances. Having completed the main sewer, plaintiff was leaving the work when the surveyor stopped him and requested him not to go away as there was more work to be done. Plaintiff asked him who was to be responsible for the payment, to which the surveyor answered that defendant who was the chairman of the local board was waiting...
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