lab 5

Topics: Certificate authority, Authentication, Access control, Public key infrastructure, Computer security / Pages: 3 (718 words) / Published: Mar 28th, 2014
Lab 5 Assessment Questions
1. What are the three major categories used to provide authentication of an individual?
a. Password
b. Token
c. Shared Secret

2. What is Authorization and how is this concept aligned with Identification and Authentication? Authorization is a set of rights defined for a subject and an object; this concept is aligned with Identification and Authentication because these are the 3 steps to the access control process

3. Provide at least 3 examples of Network Architecture Controls that help enforce data access policies at LAN-to-WAN Domain level.
a. Remote Access Servers
b. Authentication Servers
c. Logical IDS

4. When a computer is physically connected to a network port, manual procedures and/or an automated method must exist to perform what type of security functions at the Network Port and Data Switch level for access control?
a. MAC Address Authorization configured for to protected each network port
b. MAC Address Profiling
c. Secured VLAN deployment for devices that meet this standard and cannot meet more intelligent solutions such as security posture assessment.

5. What is a Network Access Control (NAC) System? Explain its benefits in securing access control to a network. Network Access Control (NAC) System enforces network security policies at the network access point rather than the client operating system. NAC systems also require authorization of the client operating system security posture before being allowed access to resources on the network. Endpoints or users that fail authentication are blocked from any network access either by physically shutting down the port or logically by blocking the MAC or IP addresses.

6. Explain the purpose of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and give an example of how you would implement it in a large organization whose major concern is the proper distribution of certificates across many sites.
The PKI infrastructure provides for the generation, production,

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