Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing
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Cloud Computing
Infrastructure security challenges in cloud computing
Over the last few years, cloud computing has been evolving leading to many customers utilizing the cloud computing technology. Basically cloud computing is based on delivering varied resources through the internet (also called the cloud) that depends on complex architecture that enables providers to make use of different models and be able to deliver on different services. Although cloud computing features are meant to entice the customers to use its services, however, a cloud security concern has become the pertinent issue to cloud computing. Security concerns emanating from cloud computing have hindered IT experts to move to cloud computing. Network security architecture is the design and planning of the campus network that are aimed at reducing security risks in accordance with the institution’s risk and analysis policies. The traditional network design focused on creating a secure network perimeter and strategically places a firewall at the point where the network is connected to the internet. However, the traditional design is problematic and there is concern about security threats from inside the perimeter that is protected by the firewall. Security architecture is the design artifacts that describe how the security controls are positioned and how they relate to the overall information technology architecture. The controls are meant to serve the system’s quality attributes like accountability, assurances, integrity and availability. There is quite a number of security issues associated with cloud computing: 1) security issues faced by cloud computing providers and 2) those that are faced by the customers. End user security issues include a browser security, security-as-a-service and authentication. Cloud computing and traditional computer security system is faced by several challenges that need to be addressed....

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