Lab 2 Prokaryotes

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Lab 2 Prokaryotes
Performing this lab will help me better understand the characteristics of prokaryotes and compare them with eukaryotes. This lab will also help me visualize and better understand the physical description, and the different types of bacteria and how they stain, whether it be gram positive or gram negative. Hypothesis:

If I read the textbook and use the resource websites, then I will be able to better understand prokaryotes and describe the structural characteristics of viruses. By understanding prokaryotes, I can compare them to eukaryotes and learn more about the different types of prokaryote species. Experiment:

Campbell Biology Textbook
Lab 2 Prokaryote packet
Website for gram stains: Procedures:
1) Open and read the attached file ((Lab02_Prokarayotes) TWICE before attempting to complete this activity. 2) Use the information provided to complete the activities on pages 1, 4, and 5 of the file. 3) Gram Stain Activity Page 4

a. Click the hyperlink to view the Gram stain animation: b. Click “Start” and allow animation to run.
c. Click “View Slide under the Microscope”
d. Click “Examine Samples”
e. Complete the table
4) Research: Select either one group or a specific species within the Archaea and discuss their relevance to humans.

Analysis / Data:
Activity Page 1

Present in all cells
Present only in (some or all) prokaryotes
Present only in (some or all) eukaryotes



Cell membrane

Flagella made of microtubules


Membranous organelles

Cell wall

Divide by mitosis

Divide by binary fission


Activity Page 4
Sample Name
Physical Description (What does it look like?)
Example species
Gram-positive cocci in clusters
Little groups of purple scattered
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