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1408 Bio Lab05 Report2
Lab 5: Enzymes
Student Name:
Date: September 27, 2014

Course ID/Section: Bio 1408 Lab5

Answer the questions and report your data in this fillable PDF using the observations and results you recorded in your lab manual while performing the experiments. Save the completed PDF file with your last name and lab number and submit the report as directed by your instructor. (For example: jones_lab5.pdf)
Consider the Concepts
1. If a chemical reaction is exergonic, it is considered spontaneous. Explain in one to two complete sentences why a spontaneous reaction would benefit from an enzyme to catalyze the reaction.
A enzyme helps to slow down the amount of energy required to start a reaction. One of the other benefits is helping to regulate the metabolic pathway to help with the enzyme formation.

Part 1: Effect of Enzyme Concentration
2. What were the independent and dependent variables in this experiment?
Independent variable

The independent variable is the equal amount of hydrogen peroxide .

Dependent variable The inflation of the balloon being measured by various yeast concentrates.
3. Name three variables that you controlled between conditions in this experiment.
1. The same amount of time was given to each reaction.
2. A balloon was used to measure all three experiments.
3. All three were given the same amount of hydrogen peroxide.

4. Using the data you recorded in the lab manual, calculate the RATE of the reaction catalyzed by catalase. To calculate rate, divide the final balloon circumference (units: centimeters) by the total time the reaction was allowed to occur (units: seconds). Complete the following table with the reaction rate as the production of gas per second (units: cm/sec).
Tube #

Amount of Yeast

Enzyme-catalyzed Reaction Rate


0.05 g

Unit 1: 14/2.14


0.025 g

Unit 2: 14/2.14


0.0125 g

Unit 3: 12/2.5

5. Using the results of your experiment, describe the relationship between the amount of enzyme added to the reaction and the amount of

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