KTS Holding: Function of the Human Resource Department

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1.0Company Background2

2.0Function of Human Resource Department (HRD)4

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KTS Holding Sdn Bhd (KTSH) is an investments holdings company started in 1962. The KTSH are mainly non-public listed companies. Principal activities include timber logging, timber processing (into plywood, sawn-timber, etc) reforestation, plantation (oil palm) & estate development, newspaper publishing & printing, property holding & construction, general & imported goods trading, insurance agencies, shipping, food processing and hotel & restaurant operations.

The KTSH has approximate 10,000 employees distributed according to the company need all over Borneo. The head quarter of the KTSH is located at Crown Tower (Jln Pending), which own by the company. Human Resource Department of the KTSH is on the 6th floor, with 30 staff working in it.

The Human Resource Department (HRD) plays several roles in assisting the management to function. HRD plays the role of planner, where they are assign to plan matters related to staffing, such as planning manpower needs, recruitment and employee selection. Other than that, HRD also act as facilitator, they prepare training opportunities and career development to employees and conduct orientation sessions for new employees. Coordinate matters related to employee health and safety, amenities and benefit is also a role of the HRM as a coordinator. As the auditor of the company, HRM oversee employee performance and control compensation offers such as rewards and benefits to employees, and evaluate accident and injury reports. HRM management division acts as a middle man in matters pertaining to employee disciplinary issues, consultation with worker’s union, handling conflicts and employee dissatisfaction.

HRD helps the KTSH to achieve the organisation’s target by fully utilizing skills and ability of the employees of the workforce. HRD also provide the organisation with trained and motivated employees. The works of the HRD also increase the job satisfaction of the employees. Another function of the HRD is to develop and maintain the quality of the working environment and also the policy delivering. Managing the social responsibility and ethical conducts is also the job function of HRD.

Human resource management functions as a reference towards the implementation of task and responsibility of providing and coordinating human resource in an organisation. A large organisation like KTSH has its own human resource management department which is responsible for carrying out all the functions of human resource. Each human resource function is managed by human resource experts specializing in a field. Human resource management functions are not just about record keeping and updating files. They involve a holistic and integrated approach that includes various activities designed to contribute to the effectiveness of an organisation The functions played by the Human Resource Department of KTSH are such as staffing, development and safety & heath. Detail of each functions are discuss as follows:-

(a) Staffing
KTSH’s HRD staffing involves human resource planning process, job analysis, recruitment and selection of manpower. (i) Human Resource Planning
In human resource planning, HRD are doing the forecasting process or requirement needed by KTSH to achieve its objectives, aside from developing and implementing activities to fulfill organisation needs. It is used to ensure the organisation has enough workforce and suitable employees, at the right time and place. The planning is important so that there will not be any surplus or insufficient manpower. This is also to ensure employees are able to carry out their duties efficiently. HRD of KTSH always make sure the distribution of staff is always sufficient so that...
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