Krishna and Hinduism Worldview

Topics: Hindu, Hinduism, Bhagavad Gita Pages: 4 (1397 words) Published: February 23, 2014
The question of condition, or problem, mainly focuses on what is wrong with the world and your surroundings or with yourself. In the Krishna and Hinduism world view, the problem is the illusion, or Maya, that people tend to build about themselves and what surrounds them. Maya is when people see themselves as something separate instead of the common Hindu belief that all things are connected. Maya brings ignorance, attachment, and reincarnation into the lives of people. People start thinking that they are the most important thing around and do not think about the harm that they may bring to others and mainly their own souls. They start betraying and killing for simple desires instead of for ones own good. By being this ignorant, the karma of a human being just begins to keep on piling up, like it is mentioned in the Gita, "Your own karma, born of your own nature, will drive you to do even that which you do not wish to do, because of your delusion" (18:60 p.60). Being caught up in this delusion and all the surrounding bad karma that floats around leads to being stuck in the endless cycle of reincarnation and having no enlightenment in the person's life because the Lord "whirls them [the creatures] round upon the wheel of Maya" (Gita 18:60 p.60). If one is locked into reincarnation, it keeps him or her from having or achieving peace, the biggest problem that a human being can have in their lifetime.

To solve a condition, or problem, you need a very good solution. What, if anything, can be done to fix the world and your surroundings or even yourself? The solution in the religion of Hinduism is to simply follow a set of paths that will guide one to the right of way, back the One. These paths, or commonly known as margas, include the karma-marga, the path of action, which is simply following religious obligations. The bhakti-marga, or the path of devotion, which is focusing on one's deity. The jnana-marga, or the path of...
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