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Topics: Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Karma Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Praneeta Suwal
World Religions 2300

Eastern Religions

All Eastern religions have various things in common. The view of how a person should spend their lives in this earth is all too similar yet they all have a different way of living and showing their devotion. Many of these cultures revolve around a simple idea of reaching nirvana and finally leading to moksha- the release from the eternal circle of life or mukti in Sikhism. Many of the Eastern religions also focus of keeping good karma and respecting the spiritual world by praying to their ancestors. Many of them view the world as full of spirits, that there are spiritual beings in everything we see and everything we touch, and to respect these spirits will finally lead to the liberation from the earth. In Hinduism we learn that the world is considered evil. There are many cast systems in this religion, which are paths an individual must overcome before leaving the cycle of Samsara; which is the cycle of rebirth and reincarnation which is considered to be the problem. To achieve liberation from the cycle is the goal of Hindus, to free their soul from bonding of samsara when they pass on to the next world to become a Brahman- Hindu idea of a formless divine. The solution to this problem is to become knowledgeable and overcome the illusion and ignorance of materialistic values and recognize the rituals and meditative practice of the Hindu religion practices and to live a life of good Karma. Their main focus, or Dharma, is to create good karma in their lifetime, as it is the cause and effect of actions. Once a person has collected good karma, they are on the right path to liberation. In Hindu household the men of the family usually leaves for an asharamas to finish their last stages of life of manhood. The older male figure usually retires from family and social life to become one with the spiritual world. Here yoga is practiced and a role of a Sannyasin, or a...
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