Korean War a Proxy War?

Topics: North Korea, Korean War, Cold War Pages: 4 (1453 words) Published: April 9, 2012
"To what extent can the Korean War be regarded as a Cold War proxy war?"  The Cold War was the continuing state of political conflict, military tension, proxy wars, and economic competition existing after World War II between the Communist World – primarily the Soviet Union and its satellite states and allies – and the powers of the Western world, primarily the United States and its allies. The Korean War was a military conflict between the Republic of Korea, supported by the United Nations, and North Korea, supported by the People's Republic of China (PRC), with military material aid from the Soviet Union. A proxy war is a war that results when opposing powers use third parties as substitutes for fighting each other directly. Yes, it is a proxy war| No, it is not a proxy war|

The Korean War being a proxy war would mean that the Cold War powers used the armies of the two Koreas to fight each other indirectly. The cause of the Korean sides is subordinate to that of the US and the Soviet Union.| The Korean War not being a proxy war would mean that the two Koreas fought each other without being used for fighting between others. The cause of the Korean sides is perhaps even superior to that of the US and the Soviet Union.| * The Soviets were using North Korean troops to invade South Korea. In return for fighting for the Soviet Union, the North Koreans received war equipment and support; Tanks (T-34's), Jets (MIG-15's), Trucks, Boats, Artillery, Medical Supplies, Food, Small Arms, Ammunition, etc. * When Joseph Stalin died in March 1953, the North Koreans and the US settled on the Armistice in July 1953 without the presence of Syngman Rhee. * The US Containment Policy extended the cold war from occupied Europe to the rest of the world. They led a UN military force to prevent South Korea from falling into the hands of the communists. * China fought on the side of the Communists and sent thousands of 'volunteers' in 1950 preventing the UN coalition...
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