Containment During The Cold War

Topics: Cold War, World War II, United States, Soviet Union, Korean War, Communism / Pages: 2 (397 words) / Published: Apr 28th, 2017
The Cold war has been done and dusted for a little more than two decades, however, its reminiscents are still very active. The attempt to spread communism worldwide was an attempt made during the cold war; Joseph Stalin made that call, America answered. The policy of containment is the reason that communism did not spread and Democracy and Capitalism are still high functioning government systems. Containment is the action of keeping something harmful under control or in check. This is what went on during the Wold War, keeping Communism within limits. The Cold War was essentially democracy and communism at odds. Democracy being free, free trade will and the U.S, and communism being oppressive,lack of private ownership, and the Soviet Union. The United States Portrayed containment through the Korean War, the Long Telegram, and the Berlin Airlift. …show more content…
Stalin wanted to test America’s commitment to their policies of containment so when they responded it showed that America was willing to continue stopping communism even 4 years after World War 2. When the United States waded into the muddy waters of battle they had one goal, contain communism and uphold the democratic state which was South Korea; and they did. The war shows again commitment to the cause and doing what is needed in order to fight off the USSR’s attempts to expand communist reign. Furthermore, the justifying quality of war was the end result. After the war ended, South Korea’s government system of democracy lived. For the U.S this was an embodiment of containment and the future seemingly boded in the side of the North Atlantic Treaty

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