Topics: Friendship, Kill, Parent Pages: 3 (777 words) Published: May 27, 2014
Alcohol: drinking and driving
I’m Robert Davis, this how alcohol change my life forever. It all started when I got my licence, my parent were so proud of me they bought me a new car. Me and my best friend Zack couldn’t stop talking about it. He said that their was a party coming up but it was a hour away and that there was going to be a lot of girls and alcohol, I didn’t really understand because Zack always said that “his never been drunk”. Zack wouldn’t stop bugging me about the party so I decided to go and have a few drinks with him, which I should’ve never agreed to. It was about 8pm when I went to pick up Zack to go to the party. When I got there I had to tell his parents that the party wasn’t going to have alcohol or any other bad stuff or Zack wouldn’t be able to go. When we got in the car we just started talking about random stuff like girls, sports and of course the party. When we got their I thought the party was great, all my friends were there and even the popular people. But zack was drinking a lot, it didn’t bug me because I was too but I just didn’t know how he was going to react to the alcohol. It was really fun we took shots with the popular girls and just had a good time. But Zack came up to me and said he felt really sick and needed a ride home, I told him I’ve been drinking and I don’t think I can drive. He didn’t care he said “just take me home “ I and Zack started telling everyone we had to go home and couldn’t stay. After we were all done saying good bye we got in the car and headed home. I knew I was intoxicated and couldn’t drive well but Zack looked really sick I kept asking if his alright, Zack always said “just take me home” but about half way home he threw up all over my new car. I started yelling at him about how he wrecked my new car. But when I was yelling at him I wasn’t paying attention to the road. By the time I look back at the road we were 20ft from the pole. I tried to swerve and avoid it but I couldn’t we hit the pole on...
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