The Day I Burned-Personal Narrative
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Flashing a few years back to when I was outside with my neighbor just playing like two normal kids would do on any other night after school. While we were outside, he had gone to use the bathroom inside and I stayed outside just moiseying around. When he came back outside from using the bathroom, he said, “lets try to shatter this pen I found with my bat.” Shortly after I had responded to him with just a simple vague “ok.” As the night went on he had gone to fetch his bat and proceeded to walk in front of me. At I didn’t realize he was actually serious about shattering the pen. I thought he just joking. I mean, how could someone hit something small with such a big item? While he was standing right in front of me, he tends to throw the pen into the air and swings all the way through. By him swinging all the way through he had nailed me exactly on the bone right above my right eye, splitting the skin and slightly fracturing the bone. After he had hit me, I immediately said, “I’m gonna go inside now.” As I am walking to my back door, I had placed my hand on my face with pressure trying to stop the pain. It was at …show more content…
By that time it was 12:30-1:00 in the morning. I ended up not going to school the next day due to the fact that I didn’t want to be judged with the way that society is today. Having the right side of my face swollen, I would have been and easy target to be picked on. Eventually as the days passed my face became more normal and not swelled up. Later that week of the accident, I had seen my neighbor who had tryied to shatter the pen and all he had said was, “wow, that looks like it hurts.” when I first saw him afterwards. Later he had said that he was sorry and that it was dumb of him to trying doing that. As of today we are no longer friends. Now to this day I get to live with a scar on my right eyebrow from him trying something

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