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Topics: Sexual orientation, LGBT, Coming out Pages: 2 (1010 words) Published: February 24, 2014
High school is supposed to be the years where we begin to branch off from the norm and start to find ourselves and establish morals for what we will become later as adults. However I did not do this. Instead up to my senior year, I hid my sexuality in fear of rejection. Meanwhile, I was regularly called gay, faggot, homo, Chris Fagger, sunshine, and queer just because I dressed like I belonged in California and because I got along with girls easier. It got to the point of me being so fed up with all of the harassment. I just wanted to come out and tell everyone that while those words may be true, they were hurtful and not funny. I wanted to come out of the closet to everyone at once so rumors didn’t start through school. So I thought going to prom with my boyfriend, Evan, would be the biggest statement possible to the most people. Plus I would have someone by my side supporting me the entire night. Evan and I planned the whole night from what we were going to wear to dinner to the after party to staying over at my house. But in order for this fairytale plan to actually work I was going to need my parent’s approval. However, they did not know I was gay, nor did they know that I had a boyfriend. So in order to coax my father into letting me do what I wanted, I like any teenager knew I had to suck up to him. Therefore, I spent an entire day mowing the lawn, hedging the bushes, trimming the roses, planting flowers, vacuuming, dusting, reorganizing, and lastly cooking dinner. After dinner I took my father outside to show him all the work that I had done. It was nighttime and the lights on the house and landscaping made an awesome ambiance. And after a few minutes of walking around and complementing on the work, I knew that I wasn’t going to have a better opportunity then that moment. I paused and looked my father deep into the eyes, and begin by first stating “do you promise not to get mad at me?” I knew I was shaking and my hands began to sweat as he replied with...
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