King Cotton's Long Shadow

Topics: 21st century, Automobile, English-language films Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: March 29, 2014
 Brianne Patrick- Ramos

My Bob Marley Shirt

It is a cold September night. There's heavy fog in the forecast, and dew covering the entire space of my dirty car in the driveway. I'm writing an essay, a reflective response to type up and… and a car to wash. Nights like this, I wish I hadn't procrastinated.

I know, I know. It is something that could have been avoided if I wasn't out shopping all the time. But tonight I'm stuck typing. Typing with my favorite cotton long -sleeved Bob Marley tee-shirt on and grey sweatpants. If this cotton shirt can't keep me warm, than I don't know what can. Australia’s cotton growers produce enough cotton to clothe 500 million people, every year. Some cotton products are padding in furniture and automobiles, cotton swabs, plastics, feed for cattle, oil, yarn, and much more! The only thing I ever held against cotton was that it shrunk my clothing two sizes down when I put them in the dryer.

In the 21st century, no matter how far back cotton goes, it seems like it was ahead of its time and such a positive product. Sure, remembering that cotton became such a huge impact on the economy was because of slavery can be a very mind numbing topic. But the gift that it brought to everyone then and even now is everlasting.

For the first time last year I held natural cotton in my hand that had been in a plastic bag for who knows how long. Feeling it made me wonder how it was to be the individual who took hold of it and pulled it straight from the earth. It is such a prize that can be useful in so many ways all around the world.

Cotton's background and imprint on how I feel presently is greatly positive. It reminds me of harsh times that gradually turned into a huge part the modern day capital. This one product has given many people a job for the better good of billions of people across the nation. Providing warmth to comfort and protection in transportation for many individuals...
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