Kinetic Sculptures

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Ekin Kara




Test Procedure
Blow Dryer,Wind, Blowing, Touching, Fan
When I used blow dryer, the only vane that turned was the one that was right in front of the blow dryer even though I increased the volume. But I think it happened because the blow dryer only focuses on one point so it doesn’t effect the other vanes. When I used the power of wind, I realized that the result was so much better than the blow dryer. Unlike the blow dryer, it was stronger and it didn’t focus on one point. I saw that all of vanes which were in the second and the forth line turned because the wind was coming from left. I realized that it was so hard for the smallest vanes to turn and sometimes they stopped depending on the power of the wind. When I blew, I had the same problem with the problem I had when I used the blow dryer. It only focused on one point and effected only one of the vanes. When I touched, it was easy for all of them to turn but it was impossible touch all of them at the same time so it only effected the one I touched. When I used fan, I almost had the same result as I got when I used the power of the wind but I think it was better because wind is a natural source of power so it is impossible to control it. But at the fan, I increased the volume and got better results. When I used the wind, the wind was coming from the left so I wanted to try right this time to see if there was a problem about the other vanes which were in the first and the third lines. I didn’t see any problems about them and it was a bit easier for the smallest vanes to turn than the wind.

Test Procedure
Put it upright and see if something falls from it.
Do the same thing by using a blow dryer
I decided to put it upright because this sculpture is supposed to be hung on the wall and that is the way it is going to look like when I hang it. So, when I put it upright, I waited for 10 minutes and saw that nothing fell from it.But I realized that 2 of the sticks were not totally straight. Then, I started using the blow dryer and held it one by one. All of them turned and they were still in their place. But I realized that 3 of the pins were shaking a little bit. Fortunately, they didn’t come out and stayed safe.

Test Procedure
Make a research for every material that you used on your project and see if they are recyclable and eco-friendly. Outcome

Colored Plastic Sheets
Like most of the plastics, they are recyclable. But I also learned that a plastic can not be recycled into the same type of plastic and when compared to other materials like glass and metal, plastic requires greater processing to be recycled which are the disadvantages.

Wooden Piece and the Sticks
Wood can be recycled and it is one of the most important materials that need to be recycled because it decreases the number of the trees that are being cut in a really high level.

Metal Pins
Recycling metal is easier than the other materials and it can easily turn into something else.

Test Procedure

I chose blue because I thought it would be better to use a primary color and the blue that I used was so vibrant so I think it takes the attention to itself . This sculpture uses the power of wind and I think this feature has a connection with that color because the sky is also blue.

I chose green because I think it looks so good with blue and it also has the same features that blue has like being vibraint and being a primary color.

I think a rectangle was the only shape I could use for this project because it was the only way I could put the vanes and the sticks on the way not to block each other . If it was the only reason, it could also be a square but I wanted to choose rectangle because on the research that I’ve done about the things that...
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