Kfc Supply Chain

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Released by the Ministry of Commerce hundred catering enterprises standings, Yum topped the list for many years, the turnover of the last three years were 13.33 billion, 16.9 billion and 207 billion, far ahead of second-enterprises, but also its old rival – McDonald’s global fast food far behind boss as the main subsidiary of Yum, KFC denied. 2007 is the 20th anniversary of KFC(Kentucky Fried Chichen) into the Chinese market, the number of branches in mainland China have more than two thousand. Behind the rapid development, efficient and smooth logistics system is a KFC a powerful weapon ahead of the competition. 1, the fast moving consumer goods supply chain requirements

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG, Fast Moving Consumer Goods or CPG, Consumer Package Goods), refers to the rapid consumption of consumers, need to constantly repeat purchase of products, typically fast moving consumer goods, including cosmetic products, food and beverage and tobacco. CPG market is a typical mass consumer market, the market capacity. With the improvement of living standards, consumer demand preferences change faster, the product tends to fierce competition, this time, the enterprise should have a supply chain thinking. CPG supply chain must have a keen ability to capture market opportunities, rapid response capability and a shorter structure. To this end, establish a customer demand-driven pull supply chain, enhance product promotion, and ensuring the procurement of raw materials and inventory control, to make fast food chain to build a more efficient supply chain, to ensure and consolidate the business in the market position to provide strong support for the extended enterprise. 2, the logistics of the supply of KFC

(A) Supplier Management
KFC products are the main raw materials (Chicken, mashed potatoes, seasoning) determined by the head office supplier, usually raw materials (bread, beverage puree, vegetables, packaging, etc.) by the district level has confirmed that the...
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