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success and failure

By 960408jy Oct 24, 2014 308 Words

Success and Failure of KFC
KFC has successfully found the recipe in China. KFC also became the highest-growth market in China. There is no doubt that KFC has a good understood the consumer in China. KFC positions itself as the fast food restaurant in China that provides delicious famous Kentucky chicken and burgers, and also healthy home-style Chinese meals so that make consumers feel right at home. KFC adapted to the local market and the flexibility to adjust its menu to the consumers in China by providing more than just the famous Kentucky fried chicken. Context, people, strategies and applications enables KFC to the success. Its marketing action and its high level of awareness in consumer’s habits and needs are its core strengths. KFC has been obtained the leading position even over McDonald’s in China. KFC made an unusual offer on a popular TV show called Oprah in 2009. The viewers were informed that they can download a free coupon for a two-piece chicken meal with two individual sides and a biscuit. The only problem is that they simply were not prepared to honor the deal. KFC’s across United States fell apart when 4 million people showed up to collect. There were small riots, denial of service and the most important is not enough chicken. Even Oprah on the website to pull the coupon, KFC was looking very stupid. In order to make up for their mistake, the President of KFC apologized to Oprah for the failure and makes the right on the deal. Finally, the 10.5 million coupons were been downloaded, and the United States consumed $42 million value of the free food. If not getting it to the people smoothly and in the first attempt, KFC basically gave away the food without obtaining any positive news out of it. Crispy marketing is failure.

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