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To know about the strategies followed by companys in order to seek the attraction of customers. To analyze about the product preferred by customers
To know about strength weakness threat of products
To know about process of delivery products
To know about how we promote their products
It also helps us to change our brand of consumption.
To know about the customer service and facilities given by producers.


Primary data:
The information regarding the project is collected by personal visit in the : Reliance Fresh
Big Bazar
D - Mart
Secondary data:
The other relevant data is collected from books, journals, magazines, newspapers & websites.

SUMMARY FMCGs, or Fast Moving Consumer Goods, are any type of commercial products that are produced at a low unit cost and tend to sell quickly. Typically, a lower amount of profit is made on each individual FMCG that is sold, but the constant demand helps to produce volume sales that help to create a healthy cumulative profit on all units sold within a given period. There are a number of retail products that fit this basic profile, with many of the items found in just about every home around the world. One of the characteristics that define any type of product as a true FMCG is the fact that it is non-durable. This leads to a continual cycle of consumption that makes it feasible to mass produce the goods. Pre-packaged foods are a good example of this characteristic. The food is purchased, then consumed. When the food is gone, consumers return to a retail outlet to purchase more units of the pre-packaged food. Toiletries and personal hygiene products are also included in the FMCGclassification. Soap, toothpaste and mouthwash as well as toilet paper are non-durable goods that must be repurchased from time to time. Toilet paper is also one of the essential PMCG...
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