Maggi Marketing Project

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What is the FMCG Industry?
"Resilient, Rewarding and really, really Fast."

FMCG industry, alternatively called as CPG (Consumer packaged goods) industry primarily deals with the production, distribution and marketing of consumer packaged goods. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are those consumables which are normally consumed by the consumers at a regular interval. Some of the prime activities of FMCG industry are selling, marketing, financing, purchasing, etc. The industry also engaged in operations, supply chain, production and general management. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry in India is one of the largest sectors in the country and over the years has been growing at a very steady pace. The sector consists of consumer non-durable products which broadly consists, personal care, household care and food & beverages. The Indian FMCG industry is largely classified as organised and unorganised. This sector is also buoyed by intense competition. Besides competition, this industry is also marked by a robust distribution network coupled with increasing influx of MNCs across the entire value chain. This sector continues to remain highly fragmented.

Industry Classification
The FMCG industry is volume driven and is characterised by low margins. The products are branded and backed by marketing, heavy advertising, slick packaging and strong distribution networks. The FMCG segment can be classified under the premium segment and popular segment. The premium segment caters mostly to the higher/upper middle class which is not as price sensitive apart from being brand conscious. The price sensitive popular or mass segment consists of consumers belonging mainly to the semi-urban or rural areas who are not particularly brand conscious. Products sold in the popular segment have considerably lower prices than their premium counterparts. Following are the segment-wise product details along with the major players:

The facts about the FMCG Industry
FMCG, otherwise known as CPG, is one of the biggest industries in the world and there are a lot of facts that stand the FMCG industry apart as a career choice:

FMCG companies are behind the biggest brands in the world. FMCG is all about names, the products which everyone recognises from trips to the supermarket or from ads on television. The brands that make up this sector are the high profile ones, the ones everybody knows and loves. Think Coca-Cola, Dettol and Dove. This is an industry that puts you in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms across the globe.

The FMCG industry changes fast and is constantly evolving. It's fair to say there is never a dull moment in FMCG. From the pace at which goods leave the shelves to the rate of product innovation and career progression, things move quickly. And it doesn't end there. The brands themselves are changing just as quickly. 40% of brands on the top 100 list twenty years ago have already been replaced by new names today.

FMCG firms thrive on employee and customer retention. Employee investment is a big part of the ethos of the FMCG world. Perhaps it's because we understand the importance of loyalty. Customer loyalty can make or break a brand. Take Twinning’s, for example – a century after they entered the top 100 brand list, they are still there and going strong. So it makes sense for FMCG companies to encourage the loyalty of their employees too.

FMCG companies can beat the recession. This is an industry that has proved itself very resilient to recession – with the majority of companies in the sector weathering the financial storm in a way that very few others have managed. Why? Well, consumers will always need to buy the products created by FMCG companies. They may not buy big items like refrigerators or cars in a recession, but floors still need to be cleaned, clothes need to be laundered and aches and pains still need to be soothed.

The FMCG industry thinks...
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