Topics: User, Keystroke logging, Login Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: February 13, 2012
Chapter I
Design Project Description

Now in our present situation innovations of lots of devices takes place but reaching only for one goal, to lessen the working time and be more productive for other tasks pending. Since the computer was invented, it really changes the way people handles his everyday work.

One of the great innovations in the field of information technology was to develop a software based keyboard logger that enables the user to capture the desired keyboard strokes he entered and later used for quick reference. Since this is only available in software version it needs to run on an installed operating system. Keylogger also belong to the same group of tools that monitor user activity on the machine level. It records such information as every keystroke, including the system keys. Installing a keylogger onto a PC is a relatively simple procedure; it may be installed like any other software. Hardware keylogger is a tiny hardware device that can be attached in between a keyboard and a computer or built into the keyboard case. It keeps a record of all keystrokes typed on the keyboard. The recording process is totally transparent to the end user. Hardware keylogger do not require any software on the user's PC to be able to log all keystrokes (inc. passwords, etc). They may be covertly attached to the user’s PC by anyone, the PC does not even need to be switched on when the keylogger is plugged in.

The proponents do only have one goal in mind, but to design a hardware keylogger that doesn’t need any software to function. The user must plug in the device into a host computer and he’s ready to go. No need to neither install device driver nor have an operating system to run.

The proponents called the device MCU BASED KEYBOARD LOGGER. It is a microcontroller based keyboard logger that saves any keyboard stroke in its internal memory and later be retrieved to use. No need to memorize again your usernames, passwords,...
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