operations of computer

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5 basic operations performed by computer system
The internal structure of a computer looks like above:
Input unit:
Input unit links the external environment with the computer system. Data and instruction must be entered to the computer before performing any competition. Data or instructions can be entered through input devices eg. Key board, or any other input devices.

Input unit transferred this data into binary coded in short input unit performs the following function:  It accepts data or instructions from external world.
 It converts these instructions and data in computer acceptable form.  It supplies the converted instruction & data to the computer for further processing. Output unit:
The job of output unit it is just the viewers of that any input unit it provides information reasons of computation to the output of the world. Output unit links the computer with the external world. A computer prepares results in binary code. Output unit converts these results into human acceptable forms. Inshort perform the following functions.  It accepts the result produced by the computer.

 It converts these coded results to human acceptable form.  It supplies the converted to the outside world.
Storage unit:
Before actual processing start, data & instructions entered to the computer must be stored inside the computer. Similarly, results produced by the computer are required to be stored before being passed to the output unit. The intermedial result produced by the computer must also be stored for further processing. Inshort the function of storage unit: It stores all the data to be process.

It stores intermedial results.
It stores final result are realize an output device.
ALU is the place where actual execution of the instructions takes places during the processing operations. All calculations & comparisons are made in the ALU. The data and instructions stored in the primary storage...
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