Keeping Promises

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Promises require trust to make. There has to be a certain belief that this person you’re making a promise with will keep it, that this person will respect you enough and your wishes to promise to something. Promises range from keeping a secret to promising someone you will be there for them to promising to take care of their dog will their away and so many more ways. Most people will commit to promising something but never really think about what it means to actually promise something. And many people don’t keep the promise they make. But I do keep every promise I make because I believe in promises and what they mean to the person I make it with and what it means to me. Because I have experienced the damage of not keeping a promise and it’s not a thing I ever want to experience again.

When I was 5 years old I was in preschool. My best friend in preschool was a little girl named Zoe. She was a small petit Asian girl who always wore a dress and leggings. But then again I wore the same pants every day as well. We were inseparable, always playing together, always napping together just two peas in a pod. One day she had an accident. She peed in her pants, she came to me and told me that she peed in her pants and begged me to promise not to tell anyone. I remember this say so well, I remember she was wearing a red t-shirt dress and black leggings with plaid rain boots and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, I was wearing a pink tank top with my favorite pants which were jeggings and some light up tennis shoes and my really cool at the time choker necklace. So promised not fully understanding the trust she put in me. And I completely ignored it. I told my other good friend who told their good friend and then who told their good friend and soon everyone knew.

Zoe knew I was the one that told everyone because I was the only one she told. She was crying of completely humility. I felt so bad I even started crying. She eventually forgave me and from there on I...
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