Kate Chopin

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Gender, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Caroline Silva
Professor Schindler
College Composition 101VA
15th April, 2009

“The Storm”
By: Kate Chopin

Bravely bold and expressive describes the author of “The Storm”, Kate Chopin. “The Storm” was written in a time where feminine sexuality was suppressed and perhaps taboo to society which resulted in a later publication of her books. Even though many lived in a pretense of moral superiority, Chopin conveyed the reality of feminine desires and individualism of women in her time. Stricken by society’s judgement, women often kept their desires a secret while the men had freedom to explore their own. This short story is more than just about physical, it’s about women’s role in society and their disregarded feelings.

When thought of in literary terms, a storm tends to be associated with conflict, uneasiness, and turmoil. She uses the image of the storm to represent sexual tension that builds throughout the story with Calixta and Alcee. “The Storm” can also refer to nature, which is a symbol of a feminine image, hence, “mother nature.” She begins to the story by describing how Bobinot, decides to wait out the storm while at the store with his son. This suggest that Bobinot avoids Calixta, his wife’s stormy passion she is capable of. After this, the reader is introduced to Calixta at their home, sewing and doing other household chores, "unaware that the storm is coming.” This suggests that her sexuality is repressed by the constraints of her marriage and society’s view of women, represented in this passage by the housework. Airing out on the porch are her husband’s Sunday clothes allude to society in the form of the church. The story continues with other illustrations using the storm until, finally, after Alcee and Calixta’s sexual encounter, the storm finally begins to pass and everything in the world seems renewed and fresh.

Calixta knew that her husband would have waited out the storm, so it created an opportunity. Calixta was motivated...
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