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Topics: Philippines, 21st century, Spain Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: August 26, 2013
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Reaction to: Filipinos in the 21st CenturyBy Mark Raymond Ferrer

Thesis Statement: Change is inevitable and unavoidable, but we can choose how strongly we are affected and how we react to such change.
I felt that the article “Filipinos in the 21st century” was a bit too sour. The author focuses on lambasting the Filipino of today, giving emphasis only the bad things that effects whilst forgetting the good that has also come from them.

Though it is true that most the youth of today would rather listen to western songs and watch western movies, not all effects of westernization on our culture is a harmful.
The culture that Mark Raymond Ferrer was refering to, the “true” Filipino culture, is a blend of Spanish and native influences. Before Magellan’ s convoy of ships ever made landfall on the shores of Cebu, the Philippines already had many native tribes, all of which had their own distinct culture. With that in mind then what is a true Filipino? Is he the man who addresses his elders with “po”or is he part of the countless masses working hard to feed his family? Who am I to say that the Muslim people of the Philippines are not true Filipinos? I for one believe that the true Filipino is someone that stays patriotic towards the motherland, and not the government. What is a “true” Filipino? Is he the man who toils hard in the field, barely making ends meet while his “Filipino” landlord is busy counting out the coin from the last shipment? Or can the true Filipino be found in the countryside? Is he part of the remaining indigenous tribes who call the many islands and inlets of the Philippines their home? Or is the true Filipino merely a dream, a set of characteristics and qualities that can be found in many people but not in just one person? I believe, as many do, that the true Filipino is someone that stays patriotic towards the motherland. A person that is defined by the moral implications of his actions and...
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