Junk Shop

Topics: Bottle, Minimum wage, Wage Pages: 3 (395 words) Published: January 13, 2012
Business: Junk Shop

Abella, Arcely C.
Alontaga, Eunice Yna S.
Cabacang, Joywin V.
Centeno, Jay-Marie R.
Gariando, Jean Karen G.
Guinmapang, Rachel
Masula, Cyrell D.
Tandayu, Sarah Jane M.

Niñas Junk Shop is a general partnership formed to contribute to the government’s waste management project. It is a “trash to cash” business managed by eight partners, ladies to be specific. Its proposed location is at 2546 Nakar St. San Andres Manila, close to schools, markets, car repair shops and of course, to junk retailers. It’s an easy reference to potential customers. Buying and selling will be in the mode of pick-up truck or walk-in. Capital Investment (approx. Php 200,000)

* Business licenses and registrations
* Security (refundable) and advance rental deposit
* Equipments
* Vehicle (pick-up truck)
* Renovation (in case of land lease)
* Miscellaneous
Operating Expenses
* Monthly rent
* Utilities (electricity, water, telephone, gas)
* Manpower (wages)
Manpower and Equipments
The list below outlines the basic skeletal force for operation. * 3 General Managers
* 1 Cashier
* 1 Officer-in-Charge (minimum wage)
* 1 Driver/Helper (can act as Checker) (minimum wage)
* 2 Helper (can act as Checker) (allowance+free board)
Basic office equipment and furniture consisting of 2 sets of tables and chairs, calculator, adding machine and other office supplies as required. The list below outlines the necessary operating equipments to start up the business. * 1 Weighing Scale (Bascula)

* 1 50kg countertop/hanging weighing scale
* 2 Metal push-cart (cartilla)
* 1 Acethyline Torch and Gas Tank
* 1 Pulley
* Tools (steel saw, pliers, vice grips, screw drivers, hammer, “baretta de cabra”, etc.) Items/Materials for Recycling
* P4.00-5.00 Old newspapers, periodicals, other newsprints, etc. * P7.00 Bond paper (white)
* P3.50 Carton and cardboards...
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