Juana la loca

Topics: Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, Philip II of Spain, Marriage Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: October 29, 2014
sabel of Spain, and also the princess of Aragon and Castile. At a very young age she was a very dedicated young girl that wanted to learn,and become the future ruler of her country to lead the kingdom to a better future. Juana was been educated, to be the wife of the Philip of Flanders duke of burgundy and Austria. Once Juana turned 17, her parents arranged a marriage with the duke to unify the kingdoms

. Juana traveled to Flanders to meet her husband. Philips was a very ambitious man that only cared about power and his kingdom, so love was not on his plans. He couldn’t care less if Juana was in love with him. He thought that Juana was easy to control, but Juana was a very passionate woman that wanted to make people know who she was. When Juana married Philip she became the queen of Austria and the duchess of burgundy. The two kingdoms had what they wanted to create a huge empire that controlled a great part of Europe. Ferdinand did not want to have a married life so he decided to continue with his single life. He was famous for having lots of mistresses, and liquor to his services. (http://www.historyandwomen.com/2013/01/the-vida-loca-joanna-of-castile.html)

But Juana was not going to let this happen, she wanted a good marriage so she decided to follow every Ferdinand’s steps. When Juana discovered all the atrocities he committed Juana answered by grabbing a pair of scissors, and going to the room where Ferdinand had his group of mistresses, and attacking one of them by cutting the mistress’s hair. She did this to show that she was going to be the only woman that Ferdinand will love, and no prostitute will get in her way. At this period time this was a very scandalous behavior for a woman...
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