La Llorona

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La Llorona or the Crying woman is a legend that goes back century’s in the Mexican culture. Some of the earliest recorded sightings are legends of The Aztecs, who say that the goddess Cihuacoatl took the form of a woman dressed all in white and spent the nights weeping about the impending doom of the native people by the Spanish conquistidors. Later in a story reflecting the Greek story of Medea, a woman has children by the conquer Cortez’ and when he is called back to Spain and decides to take her children with him, she kills them and then dies herself. She is later seen weeping by the lake and named La Llorona. A number of cultures have stories of her, but, she seems to have originated with the Mexican people.

Some popular versions:
In Kansas City, however, the story of La Llorona is that of a beautiful young woman who attracts the attention of a wealthy man's son even though she is very poor. The lovers secretly marry and set up a household; they have several children. Unfortunately, a day comes when the young man's father announces that he has arranged a marriage for his son to a young woman within their social class. The young man tells his secret wife that he must leave her and that he will never see her again. She is driven mad by anger and a broken heart, and takes their children to a river, where she drowns them to spite her husband. When her husband finds out, he and several townspeople go to find her, but she kills herself before they can apprehend her. She goes to Heaven and faces the judgement of God. God asks her, "Where are your children?" to which she replies, "I do not know." God asks her three times and she replies with the same answer. God then damns her to walk the earth in search of her children. According to this tale, it is wise to avoid La Llorona, as she is known for drowning passers-by in an attempt to replace her dead children. Alternatively, right after she drowns her children, La Llorona realizes what she has done and,...
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