Jose Rizal

Topics: Family, José Rizal, Paciano Rizal Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: December 28, 2012
* Malayan Ancestors(maternal side: Lakan-Dula, last Malayan King of Tondo) * Rizal evidently inherited his being patriot or his passionate love for freedom and his tranquility of life’s outlook. * Chinese Ancestors(paternal great-great-grandfather: Domingo Lam-co, native of Chinchew) * Rizal derived from him his serious nature, frugality, patience and love for children. * Spanish Ancestors * He got his elegance of bearing, sensitivity to insult and chivalry to ladies. * Father( Francisco Mercado Rizal) * He inherited a profound sense of self-respect, the love for work and thinking independently. * Mother( Teodora Alonso Realonda) * He inherited his religious nature, the spirit of self-sacrifice and the passion for arts and literature.| * The scenic beauties of Calamba, his hometown, and the beautiful garden in their home stimulated his inborn artistic and literary talents. * The religious atmosphere at his home, strengthen his religious nature. * Paciano, his brother, infused in his mind the value of brotherly love. * He learned to be courteous and kind to women from his sisters. * His aya’s imaginary stories or fairy tales, aroused his interests in legends and folk lore. * His Uncles taught him a lot of things: * Uncle Gregorio- taught him to love books. * Uncle Jose- inspired him to develop his artistic ability. * Uncle Manuel – he learned from him the vital role of health and sports * Father Leoncio Lopez, Parish Priest of Calmba instilled in his mind the value of intellectual honesty and the love for scholarship. * The sorrows in his family such as the death of Concha in 1865 helped to strengthen his character that enables him to resist blows of adversity in later years. * The Spanish abuses and cruelties which he witnessed in his boyhood such as the lieutenant of the Guardia Civil and the alcalde , the...
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