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19th century Spain saw her empire crumble away as colonies like Chile, Peru, and Cuba rose in arms and achieved their independence.In the Philippines, Spain faced the threat of yet another revolution due to mourning social unrest among the natives.

Jose Rizal, at age 35 was the greatest political enemy of Spain in the Philippines with his exceptional linguistics ability and interest in the science and arts Rizal was most effective in his campaign for freedom as a writer.

His novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo were scratching indictments of Spanish Tyranny and church which came to acquire immense political power.

In Ghent, Belgium 1891 as Rizal narrates while he is writing the chapter of Simoun in his novel El Filibusterismo “My country has a social cancer that should be exposed to all Filipinos and to this; I intend to record your condition faithfully without prejudice. I shall fit the shroud that covers the evil, sacrificing everything to truth even vanity itself, for as your son I ‘am conscious of my defects and weakness. The books contain certain revelations so, scandalous that no one dares touch them. I have attempted that others refused to undertake. I tried to correct the slender which for centuries has been attributed to our nation.

Desiring our common welfare and searching for the best cure Rizal had done what the ancients did with their sick. They lay on the temple steps so that anyone who comes to pray might offer them as remedy. Rizal had unmasked hypocrisy which under the guise of religion has impoverished and brutalized Filipinos. He had distinguished true religion from false beliefs and those who exploit the Holy word that made us Filipinos believed in their lies which had put Catholicism to shame.

He had lifted the curtain to show the truth about our government, disclosing to our fellowmen our defects, our vices; our culpable and cowardly indifferences resulted in our own misery.

In his novels, he tried to correct the harmful accusations against Filipinos. He had bought out in the open the sad state of his country a grievances and frustrations. Crisostomo Ibarra, he had seen what Rizal seen. The persona of Rizal was also in Ibarra, for this reason they see as one. He asked foe reform but he failed and because of unexpected circumstances he was forced to assume another identity as Simoun.

Philippines 1895 this was the start of revolution with the leadership of Andres Bonifacio. The Katipunan, son of the people teared their cedula that shows that as from that moment then they were not as under of the Spaniards.

Rizal graduated from Ateneo Municipal de Manila. He obtained a Land Surveyor and Assessor Degree. He also studied Philosophy at the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Arts and Letters. And, this was not all; he registered for the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery course in ophthalmology, but did not complete the course on account of indiscriminate behavior against Filipino students.

On July 6, 1892, he was imprisoned in Fort Santiago, on the charge of instigating unrest against Spain, he was exiled to Dapitan, in northwestern Mindanao. He remained in exile for four years, while he was in political exile in Dapitan, he practice medicine, he established a school for boys, promoted community development projects, he applied his knowledge in engineering by constructing a system of waterworks in order to furnish clean water to the towns people. In Dapitan he also met, fell in love and lived with Josephine Bracken.

In 1896, the Katipunan, a nationalist secret society launched a revolt against the Spaniards, although Jose Rizal had no connection with the organization, his enemies were able to linked him with the revolt. To avoid being involved in the move to start a revolution, he asked Governor Ramon Blanco tosend him to Cuba but instead he was brought back to Manila and jailed...
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