Reaction Paper on Rizal the Movie

Topics: José Rizal, Philippine Revolution, Ateneo de Manila University Pages: 4 (1699 words) Published: March 10, 2011
I.Impact of the Movie
II.a. Rizal's multifaceted aspects include his skills, talents and knowledge about poetry, painting, academics, medicine, philosophy, history, law and international languages. These aspects only prove how intelligent and gifted Rizal is even more when he wrote literary articles to attack the Spanish oppressors in the Philippines. Rizal, as a student, manifested proficiency and excellency because at a very young age, his mother was teaching him basic skills like reading which is very important in his foundation in being such. He excelled in every class he was in except when he entered the university run by the Dominicans where blood prevails more than performance. As a son, he showed his deep love and reverence for his father by simply obeying what his father tells him. For instance, when he took the course his father wanted him to take. As a brother, Rizal also showed his trust, dependence and love for Paciano. He treated him as his second father for the fact that they have a very huge age gap. They were always by each others' side. In fact, Paciano is the first and only person who knew about Rizal flying in to Europe. As a friend, Rizal expressed his loyalty and friendliness. He gained so many friends and acquaintances in school and even in the foreign countries. One great example is his friendship with Blumentritt. They write letters to each other when they want to discuss about important matters and their closeness reached to the point wherein Rizal gained support for his novel from Blumentritt. Also, he had a great friendship with Taviel despite the fact that he has a Spanish blood. This shows how good Rizal is in making friends. Rizal, as a patriot, served as inspirartion for many Filipinos during his time. At a young age, he was already awakened by the abusive treatment of the Spanish regime to the Filipino people that was why he vowed that one day, he would compensate to what they did to his fellowmen. He served as the model to the...
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