Joe Willis: Feeling the Heat in Thailand Case Study

Topics: Productivity, White-collar worker, Morale Pages: 6 (2019 words) Published: April 2, 2013

Joe Willis and his team are faced with a massive mess that they must clean up and restore order back to the entity. Throughout the story Joe is read as the protagonist, but to the workers he aims to empower and improve to increase performance/productivity he is seen as the antagonist and only there because he is on a ‘witch hunt’. The fear instilled because of word of mouth that he is from ‘internal audit’ makes workers a bit worried about job security. The support affection that follows after, when he is paraded out by police and supported by the sales manager both then and during court reveals that there is a sense of friendship and connection between the employee and foreigners. To this story there is but many tasks Joe Willis and his team must tackle to accomplish his goal of reporting his success to his higher authority. Joe must manage to keep his workforce in high performance, increase morale, incorporate the culture, build trust and improve relations. For Joe to make this a reality he must overcome obstacles that incorporate the individual and as a collective, it will test his ability of: * Patience

* Trust
* Courage
* Culture
* management
The real problem is the lack of honesty which leads to diminished trust, it seems like the most honest character is the ‘driver’, understandably one must disguise ones identity for an audit but honestly and legally doing a visa properly is another thing. When honesty is established you will then experience trust as the other knows that what you speak is the truth, but one must be tactful in how they communicate their honesty as not to harm the others feelings. Honesty builds positive relationships and since this culture is based on building a long lasting relationship Joe and his team should harness this and use it to assist them to build their relations with employee’s particularistic culture. With honesty communication would become a lot more frequent and open, thus the absence of Joe and his team from the plant for that four week period would have been able to receive information on the plants health, and any problems it may have instead of the information being withheld from them in fear of job loss. With Joe’s return along with his team he should exercise his honesty around the work place and also market himself show the employees who their boss is, by giving them a friendly face that they get familiar to and can gain respect/trust. Other issues that arise from the case is mainly Sanga Devakula who has siphoned a large amount of money out of the company and also has the connections that could potentially bring down the subsidiary. Visas are another issue and are they sorted for the time when their current ones expire? Finally workplace morale, productivity and teamwork must be addressed to ensure proper cohesive efficiency to gain the best performance and thus the greatest results. For Sanga the course of action would be to have as little of dealings as possible with him or any entities affiliated with him as to avoid being cheated. Also trying to avoid complications with the external environment as his connections may cause problems. Maybe also by telling employees what Sanga has done may make employees see him as not part of the family and not tell him company secrets etc. Again the external environment, just making sure that all permits and necessary documentations are validated and approved to ensure the continuation of their task and not to get into trouble again. Also just by probably hiring the same attorney who took four weeks to gain their permits, to the logistics and law side as getting foreign employees as well as supplies may be a bit difficult now that Sanaga is now their even though he has been for a while, competitor and with his connections may just stop at nothing to make his product more preferred/viable than Fasco’s. Lastly getting morale...

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