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Table of Contents
2.1 Concept of Job analysis4
2.2 Components of Job analysis4
2.3 Process of Job analysis4
2.4 Methods of Job analysis6
2.5 Benefits of Job analysis6
3.1 Concept of Job description7
3.2 Components of job7
3.3 Purpose of Job description8
3.4 Criticism of Job description8
4.1 Advantages of job specification9
4.2 Problems of Job specification9

1. Introduction
Organization today are depending more on their Human resource. The Human resource management is on managing people within the employer employee relationship to achieve organization strategic business objectives and to satisfy employee needs (Stone, 2010). Ineffective HRM is a major barrier to employee satisfaction and organization success. Therefore it is important to have a proper match between employee capabilities and the job performed. Therefore job analysis and job description are important aspects when it’s come to the part of recruitment and selection. A Job analysis was traditionally done mainly for the purpose regarding recruitment, pay, administration and supervision (Pareek & Rao, 1992). A Job description is a written document explaining why a job exists, what the job holder actually does, how they do it and under what condition the job is performed (Stone, 2010). Job analysis is a chief tool in personal management. This means the Human resource manager need a good understanding of work and how it is organized to ensure that the organization’s strategic business objectives are being supported and employee needs are being met. Organizations that fail to have the right people in the right place at the right time are at risk. This portfolio contains a research of job analysis and job description followed by a job interview and a job description of a ……………………… Human resource manager to obtain a proper understanding and learn about them. In addition this contains a reflection of the importance of whole research about job analysis and job description and the experience which was shared at the interview. This report is mainly concern on giving a pure understanding about job analysis, job description, job specification and job design. This is done by considering at each tool, method and technique to make the job analysis, description, specification and design effective. The report also highlights the issues related to each of the areas and the importance of all the above to management, especially where human resource management is pointed out. The job position analysis questionnaire was filled by him to further enrich the job analysis, description, specification and design. This was done in order to help grasp the concept of job analysis and job description in detail. The report concludes with reflections on the overall process. Moreover the interview and the job analysis questionnaire is attached in the appendix for advance explanation and material.

2.1 Concept of Job analysis
The procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements of a job and the kind of person who should be hired for it (Dessler, 2005, p.112). In other words Job analysis is “the systematic process of collecting information used to make decisions about jobs. Job analysis identifies the task, duties, and responsibilities” (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin & Cardy, 2003, p.64). A job analysis notifies the time it takes to complete relevant tasks in a relevant position; the tasks that are grouped together under a single job position; ways to design or structure a job maximizing employee performance; the employee behavioral pattern associated with performance of the job; the traits and attributes of a proper candidate for the job and the ways the data...

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