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By Connietsui Feb 28, 2013 399 Words
Retail Marketing Officer (Ref: P13026) | MTR CORPORATION | 招職

19/2/13 9:28 PM

This job was posted on 19 Feb 2013

BUILD A CAREER BY CARING FOR OTHERS AS WE MOVE FORWARD TO SERVE HONG KONG BETTER, WE NEED YOU TO BE A PART OF IT As a diversified and dynamic company, the MTR Corporation is involved in a wide range of business activities, including railway construction and operations, property development and management, additional commercial activities, investment projects and consultancy services worldwide. These provide excellent career development opportunities for you to join us in serving the community with caring service. We are looking for applicants for the position of:

Retail Marketing Officer (Ref: P13026)
Retail Marketing Officer (Ref: P13026) You will carry out marketing activities to promote the brand awareness of one of our Hong Kong shopping centres and drive patronage both locally and from the Mainland of China. You will supervise promotion activities of the shopping centre including implementation and execution of promotion programmes and marketing events, as well as manage and coordinate with marketing agencies on public relations, event management, festive decorations, promotion and advertising matters. You will work during non-office hours and public holidays when necessary. Applications You are invited to apply online at or send in your application stating the position you are applying for and relevant reference number, together with your current and expected salary, either by email to or by mail to Human Resource Management Department, MTR Corporation, G.P.O. Box 9916, Hong Kong on or before 22 February 2013 All 2013. information provided by applicants will be treated in strict confidence and used for recruitment purpose only. All personal data of unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed within six months.

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Retail Marketing Officer (Ref: P13026) | MTR CORPORATION | 招職

19/2/13 9:28 PM


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