Jejemon and Bekimon

Topics: English language, Human, Lingua franca Pages: 5 (1147 words) Published: March 8, 2011
The Disadvantage, Advantage and Effect of using Non-standard Lingos: Jejemon, Bekimon vs. English Language

Jonalyn Barrera

Gerald Llaban

Princess Lemence

Geraldine Lopez

Katherine Anne Villaluna

Global City Innovative College

English II


February 01, 2011

Submitted to:

Ms. Mildred Tallorin

Chapter I: Introduction


This study covers the Non-Standard Lingos vs. the English language; the effects, advantages and disadvantages of it. The study aims to achieve all the purposes that were made to make this study possible. As you read this study further, you will know the different effects of Non-Standard Lingos to the teenagers. One of the good effects of Non-Standard Lingos is that it gives pleasure to the social group while one of its bad effects is that the person forgets the main language. The instrument to be used is the Descriptive Survey Method, which will be conducted at Global City Innovative College and to be answered by the 30 teenager students of Global City Innovative College. After criticizing this study, you will gain a lot of information why many teenagers nowadays use Non-Standard Lingos as their language.

Nature of the study:

The term Jejemon was based on the Spanish word “jeje” means laughter and the word “mon,” came from the Japanese anime pokemon” with –mon which means monster, according to Wikipedia. A Jejemon is a person "who has managed to subvert the English language to the point of incomprehensibility." (Urban Dictionary)

According to various blogs, the possible originator of the Jejemon phenomenon is a person that goes by the alias “LiL’ ZupLadO”.

In the year of 2010, this was become controversial and famous and mostly the teenagers are the users. Jejemons are people who type letters in alternate form (big letter-small letter form). The Philippine Daily Inquirer describes Jejemons as a "new breed of hipster who have developed not only their own language and written text but also their own sub-culture and fashion." and they said to be that the Jejemons are the new Jologs. The term Bekimon was a newly arrived last year end of 2010, this was said to be the Gay lingo. It was started by MR. BEKIMON. This language has a hidden word in each of the letters, a word of gays. The term bekimon (beki is a colloquial word for "gay") took off from the growing popularity of the jejemon subculture, which refers to those who deliberately exaggerate ordinary words by adding or subtracting letters, or by using a mixture of upper case and lower-case letters, in written communication.

The standard language or also known as English language. Modern English, sometimes described as the first global lingua franca, is the dominant language or in some instances evens the required international language of communications, science, information technology, business, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy.

One of the purposes of this study is about where the Non-Standard Lingos come from and to determine the advantages and disadvantages of it. Second is to know the good and bad effects of Non-Standard Lingos to the teenagers. As you go along you will know how this Non-Standard Lingos affect the studies of the teenagers of the Globalians. Another purpose of this study is to know the reactions/opinions of the people who do not like this kind of lingos. And last is to know why teenagers nowadays use Non-Standard Lingos.

Statement of the problem:

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Non-standard lingos?

2. Why do people nowadays use Non-standard lingos?

3. How do the Non-Standard Lingos affect their studies?

4. What are the good and bad effects of using Non-standard lingos?

5. What is the effect to the students in terms of individual, study, communication and behavior?


• H1 One of the advantages of the Non-Standard lingos is that it gives happiness to the...
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