Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Writing Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Assignment #2: Demonstrative Communication
Jason Thomas
BCOM 275: Business Communication and Critical Thinking
May 27, 2013
Dr. Joel Maier

Demonstrative Communication plays a major role in the business communication and critical thinking. The way we nonverbally communicate and how we communicate without writing can determine the success or failure of a business transaction. For example, facial expressions, tone of voice, body language, pace, rapport and other forms of demonstrative communication can convey a message from sender to receiver that goes beyond what words can describe. The effectiveness of demonstrative communication can be identified by providing examples that show how demonstrative communication can be effective and ineffective and positive and negative, for the sender and receiver. By explaining how demonstrative communication involves listening and responding critical thinking is proven to be an important step in business communication.

Demonstrative Communication highlights nonverbal and unwritten communication, yet in the business world nonverbal and unwritten communication is not solely identified as body language. Sachchidanand Swami explained in an article entitled, “What is Nonverbal Communication” “how body language and nonverbal communication are entirely different scientific terminologies but they also correspond with each other” (Swami, 2012). Body language focuses more on physical expressions and nonverbal communication analyzes human behavior. In the business world, the sender and receiver constantly analyze each other while communicating. In terms of demonstrative communication, the sender and receiver start to communicate before a word is spoken. Dorling Kindersley writes how you communicate, “before you even open your mouth, your facial expressions, your clothes, your walk, your body posture, your skin color, your hairstyle, etc. are communicating much about you. This is true even if the message sent is not what...

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