Jamaican Creole

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Introduction i Expository
Discussion of topic 1-2 Pieces of related information
Bad English or Creole? By Peter Espeut 3-5 Cooper fires at Green paper 6-7 Reflective

Poem: The Jamaican Creole 8 Drama: A Misunderstanding 9-10 Rationale 11 Analytical 12-13

English is the official language of Jamaica. However most Jamaicans communicate in a different language called Jamaican Creole. Creole means- a language, which comes into being through contact between two or more languages. English is a compulsory subject in Jamaican schools, it is often required of students to write essays, books reports, short stories, ect, and to speak to their teachers in English. Being a student and a fluent speaker of Jamaican Creole, I often interfuse Creole with English when trying to speak and write English. As a student of Holy Childhood High School, I am often required by teachers to write and speak English. Therefore, I deemed it fit to explore the topic; Writing the Wrong: An examination of Jamaican Creole and its impact on the speaking and writing of English in Holy Childhood High School. The topic will expose the actual effect it has on schoolwork.

Writing the Wrong: An examination of Jamaican Creole and its impact on the speaking and writing of English in Holy Childhood High School. The topic seeks to explore how the speaking of Jamaican Creole on a daily basis, can affect the speaking and writing of English in the school setting. I decided to research this particular topic because it will help to show me the importance of English and the power of Jamaican Creole. During the heyday of sugar, between 1700-1834, increasing numbers of Africans were imported to work on the large plantations. Conflict of identity emerged in the 18th century when many whites firmly identified with Jamaica and did not want to be called Englishmen. This is the period thought to be most responsible for the forming of Jamaican language, which we now call Jamaican Creole. Jamaican Creole continues to be unacceptable for the official language of Jamaica even though it is the language most Jamaicans use to communicate with each other. In past years, linguists have argued that Jamaican Creole is not a language it is just a form of speaking improper English. However avid speakers of Jamaican Creole would argue that it is a language, it should be taught in schools and it should become the official language of the country to embrace the true culture of Jamaica. However avid speakers of English in Jamaica did not like the idea of using Creole for formal setting, such as the politicians speaking Creole in the house of parliament and they did not like the idea of seeing traffic signs reading “nuh park ya so” or “ungle one way”. They were also displeased with the idea of news anchors reading the news in strictly Creole. On the other hand, English is the language taught at schools. Creole is not being embrace by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Culture. Therefore, students who speak Creole are forced to write and speak English especially in school. My finding on the matter is that students who speak Creole often interfuse Creole with English when writing and speaking. They find it sometimes difficult to speak strictly Standard English only and they...
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