African American and Haitian Heritage

Topics: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Abortion Pages: 3 (744 words) Published: February 7, 2013
African American and Haitian Heritage
Peggy Clark
Davenport University
Michael Cohen
January 27, 2013

African American and Haitian Heritage

There are many different beliefs and values with the African American Culture compared to the Haitian Culture relating to child bearing and pregnancy. Both of the cultures have history of having large families in the rural areas, which was viewed as a necessary necessity because of the economic pressures each culture went though. The African American choice of birth control was oral contraceptives compared to the Haitians who used a variety of contraception methods such as the “birth control pill, female sterilization, injections, and condoms” Kemp (2012) states. The Haitians are mostly Catholic which makes them unwillingly to engage in conversations about pregnancy, and their fertility practices. Compared to African Americans who willingly to speak to older family members about their behavior during their pregnancy, or will help guide them with many of the practices and beliefs of a pregnant women.

The African Americans view and belief on abortion is that many oppose abortion because of their “religious or moral beliefs”, and others oppose abortion because of moral, cultural, or “Afrocentric beliefs” WHO (2011) states. These beliefs will cause a delay in decision which makes abortions unsafe, compared to the Haitian Culture who does not talk about abortion openly, it is considered a women’s issue. Pregnancy is not considered a disease, or a “health problem, many Haitian women seek no prenatal care”, work fulltime until delivery, and celebrate their pregnancy as a time of joy. Haitian women also “do not eat spices”, but are encouraged to eat vegetables, and red fruits to increase the fetus blood Kemp (2012) claims. Compared to the African American women who seek prenatal care early in their pregnancy, also they respond to being pregnant as any other women in an ethnic group.

Furthermore each one of...

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