cultural beliefs

Topics: Pregnancy, Infant, Childbirth Pages: 2 (929 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Tiffany Martinez
Ms. Grgas Child Development
26 September 2014
Cultural Beliefs

Traditional practices in Kenya capital of Na Obi pregnant woman can’t eat certain amounts of food. This is because they don’t want to have an oversized baby or encounter problems during deliver the things they don’t eat are bananas or eggs. Usually the mothers of these pregnant woman encounter them on what foods to avoid and the ones to eat. Thousands of woman in Kenya hold these cultural beliefs and practices during pregnancy. African nations woman are responsible for negative maternal child health outcomes due to the beliefs that can reduce child mortality and improving maternal health respectively. The women in Africa are afraid to have a child suffering delayed or slurred speech due to eating egg. Egg is not good for woman because they could interfere with the menstrual cycle that is one of the reason they avoid it during pregnancy. When pregnant woman eating fruits I some communities some them are highly discouraged from eating avocados or bananas. These two fruits can contain lots of energy and can cause the Fetus to grow bigger. One of the other perspectives in which African woman avoid eggs are because the child may suffer delayed or slurred speech. Pregnant woman all over the world have a belief that they should control their emotions by remaining calm and gentle at all times. This superstition is a medical beneficial that which a mothers emotions can effect the baby’s environment as of trauma, the mothers heart rate and as well as affecting blood pressure. A Balinese woman should always behave with a pure heart at all times. Guatemalan woman are required to avoid all strong negative emotions because they will have an impact of a miscarriage do to anger, sadness or flightiness. For West African woman they are told that actions during pregnancy it will affect there baby characters. Thailand woman are believed that every sound, sight, tough, smell,...
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