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JAGUAR – Case Analysis

Alexis Girone
Maxime Carrasco
Lauren Cornieau
Romain Longueville
Mathieu Grattarola

Automatic driving:

When you are tired, you drunk too many glasses of alcohol or you have an important mobile conversation to receive. To avoid routes accidents our company offers for each car an automatic driving system included in the dashboard of the car. This system manages the car to the destination of driver choice and the driver has nothing to do. Thanks to this autopilot system Jaguar’s company wants to protect their own consumers.


Men and woman with goods statues and high revenues who travels a lot by car for business and private life either. We focus on the population between 35 and 70 years old.

Target Market:

We are focusing on men and woman who often buy Jaguar’s cars, this is a luxury product and cars are very expensive, so we will focus on customer who have a good financial situation like executives, managers and CEO with already good statues. We try to target people who do a lot of business meals, and who desire a peaceful and safe return to the chosen destination. And also have a lot of responsibilities in their job. This is why they need our product, to gain time while they move.


This is a niche strategy; we innovate a lot in the car industry. We are the only one on the market to propose such thing. Our product represents luxury, innovation, security and comfort. With this product we are able to be the leader on this new market. In addition to this innovative aspect, it’s a futuristic vision of driving.

Marketing Mix

-High quality/ High technology
-High value product
-A competitive advantage
-Unique in its class
-To achieve good margins
-Option’s car expensive
-The price that saves lives
-Exposition/ Fairs

-Events on business and sports channels
-Jaguar awareness programs
-Mobile marketing
-Mobile brochures
-Social networks

Swot Analysis

-High product quality, rich culture ans strong global brand value -Successful Alliances with Fiat, Daewoo
-Strong brandname (popular image of luxury brand)
-Increase in R&D and Marketing Investments
-Good, crisp quality advertising
-Innovative and safety product
-Permit attention to other things
-People’s perception
-Car price increase
-Encourage people to consum more alcohol
-High cost for R&D
-Higher cost during car production

-None competitors
-Sensitize and convince people
-New markets
-New consumers
-Be leader on this new market

-Many competitors in luxury brand
-Rising global prices
-Strong competition from international automobile brands

Porter five forces

Potential entrants: Luxury brands (Audi-Volkswagen, Porsh, BMW…) Barriers: Economies of Scale: Large investment in research and development required; also high exit barriers due to high investment Product differentiation: customers look for certain attributes in luxury cars Capital requirements: Car makers require large investments; however, interest rates low Access to distribution channels: Many events are organized by the brand. Jaguar is present in many sports channels, magazines and in the social networks. The company invests a lot of money in advertisement. Threat of Substitutes

Other forms of transport (taxis will be more useful when people go out) Power of Buyers & Sellers:
Buyers demanding excellence, quality & service
Appears to be no forward/backward integration (except parts). However horizontal integration through acquisitions Competitive Rivalry:
A lot of powerful competitors of Jaguar’s brand (easier to competitors to reproduce the product) Different cars appeal to different people

PESTLE Analysis

Political: Government’s golden share (designed to prevent takeover) to end 1990 British...
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