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The Best Gift I Gave and Received
Everyone has their own personal definition of a gift. Some may say a gift is nothing more but an item given from one person to another on a special occasion. From my personal experience I can certainly say that a gift is much more than just an item. A gift brings joy and happiness to me. Receiving a gift always brightens my day. I not only appreciate receiving gifts but I also enjoy giving gifts to both loved ones and less fortunate people, who do not receive gifts that often. In my 21 years of living I have given out many gifts, but one in particular stands out the most. I think the best gift I’ve given is the gift of my time and attention. Thirty minutes of undivided attention means the world to someone who is alone. When I lived in Manila I met a woman who had no family. She was sick and unable to leave her home on her own. For several years I dropped by to see her several times a week. I usually took something, I had cooked at home or small items she needed from the store. But much more important than my small gift was her knowing that I cared deeply for her. I listened carefully to the long stories of her life, her fears for the future. When possible, I cheered her up and at other times I cried with her for the loss of her life as she had known it. I took her to the doctor when it was necessary and often took her for a ride in the car or pushed her around the shopping mall in her wheelchair. Looking back on those years, I can honestly say I got as much out of our friendship as she did. She’s gone now and misses her terribly. Gifts have their own way to bring happiness to a people. People usually give gifts to friends and relatives to share their feelings. That is one of the ways to strengthen the relationship between two people. Usually gifts give joy and pleasure to the receiver. People usually think that a gift are always tangible, but is that always true? My answer is a big no; I think there are some intangible gifts...
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