Topics: Personal life, 2006 albums, Love Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: November 5, 2013

Mrs. Schernekau
English 1101
September 20,2013

The best things in life are definitely free The best things in life don’t have a price on them, they come from the heart. You don’t need money or possessions to be happy and enjoy life, most of life freebies are amongst us everyday. The best things in life that are free consist of love, your kids, family, friends, god, rare hugs, kisses, sunshine, the beach and priceless gifts. They don’t come with a struggle. Some people think that money, cars, houses and other materialistic things will bring joy to their lives. Those things don’t last forever they only bring temporary joy and happiness. But little do they know the more money the more problems and can cause an enormous amount of stress. Most people think that just because you have money that all of your problems go away instantly .The greatest happiness comes from hugs and kisses that people receive from their kids or mate, they love you uncondionally no matter what. Friends and family are always there for you; they have your back and bring happiness to your life. Good laughs and fun activities with your family or friends can be fulfilling in ones life. Small gifts from family or friends such as flowers or cards that just say I love you or I am thinking about you can go a long way. Caring for someone on a random basis can bring great joy. Sometimes just a small hello or a helping hand can go a long way to someone who needs it and you may not know that they do. Sometimes people get caught up in their own life’s they don’t find the time to help others in need. A relaxing day like going to the beach and walking the sand and watching the sun set can be soothing to ones mind, body and soul. It doesn’t cost a thing to call a friend on the phone laughing and chatting with them for hours about old memories or good times. Getting together with family to watch movies, play board games or other activates is priceless endless fun. Watch your...
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